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Stewardship Ministries

To achieve our Parish Mission, ministries are grouped into the following focus areas - Reaching Out, Hospitality, Liturgy, Faith Education, Parish Groups and Management & Maintenance Ministries. If you feel called to join any of these groups or ministries please do not hesitate to contact the parish office (9721 2141).
Reaching Out Ministries

This group of ministries reaches out to people in need.



Faith Education Ministries

This group of ministries provides for the formation of people in their faith to receive the sacraments and to grow in their faith.

Hospitality Ministries

​Hospitality ministries focus on making everyone welcome and at home in our parish community, creating the environment for them to grow in their faith.

Parish Groups

Parish groups play an important role being a place where parishioners feel comfortable to socialise, grow in their faith and to serve God.

Liturgy Ministries

These ministries make Masses and liturgies deeply meaningful, allowing God to touch and speak to people through these celebrations.

Management & Maintenance

Not everyone has pastoral talents, but the expertise of this group of ministries is vital for pastoral effectiveness of our parish.

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