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The Parish Office is open weekdays

Monday - Friday      9am to 3pm

Phone: (08) 9721 2141

Fax: (08) 9791 3257



Physical Address:  11 Money Street, Bunbury, Western Australia, 6230


Postal Address: P.O. Box 2005, Bunbury, Western Australia, 6231

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Mass Times

Weekdays: 7am

​Saturday: 8am and 6pm Vigil

​Sunday: 8am, 10am and 6pm

Reconciliation:  Saturday's 5:00pm to 5:40pm or book an appointment by ringing the parish office (97212141)


Dalyellup Community Centre

Sunday: 6pm 

Carmelite Monastery

Daily: 9am

Parish Council
Pastoral Letter from The Most Reverence Timothy Costelloe, SDB DD
Apostolic Administrator
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Our Mission


Our Mission is to continue growing as a community where people can meet Jesus Christ and grow in his life and mission in the Catholic Faith.


The spirituality our parish mission is expressed best in the parish prayer of    St Therese of Avila.

Christ has no body on earth but yours;

 no hands but yours;

 no feet but yours.

 Yours are the eyes through which he is to look out-

 Christ's compassion to the world.

 Yours are the feet with which he is to go about doing good.

Yours are the hands with which he is to bless others now.



To be a Parish that is open and transparent, nurturing, united and inclusive.


To be a community that is welcoming, embracing and caring for families, youth and valuing cultural diversity.


To be a Parish that brings those who do not know Christ into relationship with him.

After School Sacrament Program
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PPC Post

The Parish Pastoral Council met on Wednesday night and it is heartening to hear of the many initiatives that councillors are undertaking and continue to lead within the parish. The Council were introduced to the “Integrity in the Service of the Church” document that guides behaviours of those called to work within the Church. This document will provide those in leadership in the parish with guidelines and a framework for relationships and conduct. The report on the reverberations within the Cathedral has been presented to the council and future actions discussed. The Diocese of Bunbury, however, is currently not in a position to consider the funding for proposals relating to the Cathedral acoustics due to its current financial commitments and limitations. The Cathedral’s document for Emergency Procedures was presented and further discussion and clarification is planned. A lot is happening within the Stewardship Pillars with several meetings being held and planning for the future continuing. Re the proposed data projector installation in the Cathedral, relevant companies will be approached to provide guidance as to the most appropriate equipment to install. We will keep the Parish updated in this regard. Many thanks and please continue to pray for your PPC. God bless.

Helen Brown—PPC Chairperson on behalf of the Bunbury Parish Pastoral Council 


Feel free to talk to any of these officers about any    queries/concerns that you may have about the           safeguarding of children or the vulnerable in our parish.

Doreen Wijekoon

Pauline Harling

Alexis Woolhead     

Ruth Dunne     

Kath Fenton               

Helenmary Sykes      


Faith Education Corner

Jesus and the sea and the storm

In the gospel passage, Mark begins a new section of his narrative where Jesus is regularly moving around - across the sea, on the sea, in pagan territory, in Jewish territory. Jesus seems to be going to territories that have an element of ‘otherness’ – where Jewish people may not feel at home.

In this incident, the context is the lake. The disciples and Jesus moved away from the shoreline and put out over the water. For Jewish people generally, the water was something that touched powerfully into their sense of the unfamiliar and the fearful. When ‘it began to blow a gale and the waves were breaking into the boat’, the disciples were frightened. The storm and the water were powerful symbols of an uncontrollable force. They think Jesus does not care for them in their fear.

In the First Reading (from Job) and the Psalm (107), there is explicit acknowledgement that only God can control the wind, sea and other elements. The words in these passages from the Old Testament show the awe of the people for the sea and the waters, and the fear that was often provoked in their frail sailing boats.

The gospel passage concludes with the disciples being filled with awe, and wondering who this Jesus is. They say, ‘even the wind and the sea obey him’. But, only God has the power over the seas – and they see Jesus doing exactly that. Jesus has this power from God. The mystery of Jesus’ identity is gradually being shown to them.

The other image in the passage comes from the early church – they saw their group as a boat or a ship. The boat symbolizes the church, and the water is the world, and the storm is the difficulties and obstacles placed before them. In their prayer, they saw that Jesus was still with them – even though they wondered if he might be sleeping. The presence and peace of Jesus were there with them.                                                                                                                              Compiled by Sr Christine Clarke PBVM

Stewardship Program
Our parish has over 45 ministries & groups each playing a unique part bringing Christ to people.



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